'Because joy starts in the kitchen’

Keizer Culinair

Mission & Vision

Keizer Culinair is cozy and homey but at the same time the biggest cooking school of Holland. We offer cooking classes and cooking courses to companies and individuals. We like to challenge our guests with new cooking techniques, (organic) ingredients and recipes. Our classes are suitable for absolute beginners and more experienced amateur cooks. The classes include practical hands on cooking, including helpful tips which showcase the benefits of organic food. Our chefs will also provide advice on how to best prepare, cook and present food whether on a simple mid week meal or an exclusive dinner party. We love to stimulate all of your senses and give an experience that whets your appetite for more.

Keizer Culinair collaborates with big professional partners (such as Wessanen) to secure the continuity and sustainability (Corporate Social Responsibility). With these partners Keizer Culinair wants to become the first cooking school that offers solely organic cooking workshops. Our classes are designed to educate, stimulate and motivate you to make the right choices in your approach to food. Our classes are presented with passion and enthusiasm. We work as much as we can with seasonal organic produce. Not only do we want to create a physical, but also a virtual platform (Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin) where foodies can meet and interact. We love to share our food knowledge as much as we can with all of our professional partners and (potential) customers. That’s how we make a part of the Keizer Culinair experience available for everybody!

Core values

Challenging: At Keizer Culinair we invite you to culinary challenge yourself in an inspiring, creative and informal setting. You learn how to prepare dishes that will lift your cooking skills to the next level. It’s our goal that our students go home feeling super proud of themselves because their performance in the kitchen was beyond their expectation. We offer cooking challenges to companies (teambuilding) and individual food lovers.

Homeyness: Keizer Culinair makes cooking approachable and fun for everybody. We want our guests to feel at home with us. Despite of the fact that we are a cooking studio with multiple venues, Keizer Culinair offers a warm, cozy and homey atmosphere. We are very proud that many of our guests come back and bring their friends, colleagues and families to share the experience of cooking at Keizer Culinair.

Delicious and pure: People become more and more conscious about the effect that food has on our planet and their health. More companies take their social corporate responsibility serious and come up with ideas to reduce their toxic footprint. Driven by our passion for food, innovation and excellence, here at Keizer Culinair we do our best to make a difference. We love to share our philosophy on the importance of using organic produce and the role that food plays in creating a sustainable future. Both in our food and wine and in the service that we provide to you.

Customer reviews

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