‘Tune up your kitchen skills’

Lesson 1. Vegetables and Cutting techniques

The first lesson starts with a demonstration of various knives and cutting techniques. You also learn about several vegetable cooking techniques and preparation methods. Today roasted shallots with balsamic vinegar and roasted fennel with pernod are a few of the dishes on the menu.

Lesson 2. Soups & Sauces

Today we teach you how to thicken a soup or sauce. You also make a delicious broth that serves as a base for many soups or sauces. We can’t wait to taste your jus de veau and garlic soup.

Lesson 3. Meat

Now it’s time to introduce you to a variety of meat preparations. You’ll make a delicious pâté of pork and juicy poached chicken breast with tarragon, apple and a white wine sauce.

Lesson 4. Fish

The fourth day is all about fish. You’ll experiment with various preparations like poaching and baking. You also learn how to check the freshness of fish you buy on a market or in a shop and we teach you how to fillet fish to perfection. Today you make a delicious shellfish risotto.

Lesson 5. Improvisational cooking

We’ll wrap up the course with improvisational cooking. Under the supervision of our chef the group will put together a menu with the use of whatever is in the fridge. The most important lesson today is learning how to create a menu. The key is to create the perfect balance of flavors that all work in harmony. During this cook you will use and practice all of the cooking techniques that you have learned during the previous lessons.

You’ll make these dishes:

  • Roasted shallots with balsamic vinegar
  • Roasted fennel with Pernod
  • Jus de Veau
  • Garlic soup
  • Pate of pork
  • Poached chicken breast with tarragon, apple and white wine sauce
  • Shellfish risotto

You’ll learn these cooking techniques:

  • Various cutting techniques
  • Making soups and sauces
  • Poaching
  • Making pâté
  • Cutting meat
  • Filleting fish
  • Creating menus

Allergy information:

  • Sulfite
  • Gluten
  • Milk
  • Egg
  • Fish


In case of allergies, a special diet or pregnancy we offer free alternatives!

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