‘Taste of love’

You’ll make these dishes:

  • Cocktail snack: Gougères with Comté (cheese profiterolles), tapenade of artichoke hearts, toasted almonds with piment d’esplette.
  • Starter: Salad Lyonaise with a poached egg, honey tomatoes and home made mustard vinaigrette.
  • Main course: Grilled bavette with béarnaise sauce, Pomme Anna with thinly sliced Roseval potatoes and haricots verts with roasted garlic in Pernod (the vegetarian alternative is crottin from the oven)
  • Dessert: Tarte tatin, an upside down apple pie with raspberries and crème chantilly with cinnamon.
  • Coffee snack: chocolate truffels with orange, rosemary and fleur de sel.

In case you choose a 3 course cooking workshop (only Saturday through Tuesday, minimum 12 people) the three cocktail bites will be deleted from the menu.

Choose these extras:

  • Famous chef, for example Alain Caron (price at request)
  • Welcome drink €29.50 per bottle
  • Keizer Culinair cooking apron €7
  • Cocktail snack (French sausage, French cheese and olives) €4.50
  • Beverage package Basic €23.50
  • Beverage package Top €29.50
  • Beverage package Deluxe €39.50
  • Who is the Chef €5

In the Combideal for private groups a basic beverage package and cooking apron is included. At the public cooking workshops one glass of housewine/beer/softdrink and unlimited water with lemon and mint, tea and coffee are included. Prices are ex. VAT.

You’ll learn these techniques:

  • Making roux
  • Making quenelles
  • Poaching eggs
  • Making vinaigrette
  • Making a perfect bavette
  • Making Bearnaise sauce
  • Making a tarte tatin
  • Various cutting techniques

Allergy information:

  • Cheese profiterolles-gluten, eggs and milk (incl. lactose)
  • Tapenade-gluten
  • Almonds-nuts
  • Salad-gluten, egg, mustard and sulfite
  • Pomme Anna-milk (incl. lactose)
  • Bearnaise sauce-eggs, milk (incl. lactose) and sulfite
  • Haricots verts-sulfite
  • Bavette-none
  • Tarte Tatin-gluten, eggs, milk (incl. lactose) and sulfite
  • Chocolate truffels- sulfite


In case of allergies, a special diet or pregnancy we offer free alternatives!

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