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Frequently asked questions

What time can I start with a cooking workshop?

You can start your cooking workshop at any time you like. A three course menu lasts 3 hours, a 4 course menu lasts 4 hours.

Some people in my group have diet requirements. Is it possible for them to participate?

We offer substitutes to meet the requirements free of charge. For halal meat we apply a surcharge of €5,- ex. VAT per person.

What is a group cooking workshop?

The class starts with an explanation of the different dishes in the menu. After the briefing you start cooking a part of the menu in small groups (2-3 pax). After completing all of the dishes you sit down at our beautifully set tables to enjoy the food you cooked together. Our chef will explain each dish and tell you about the matching wines.

Is it possible to do a group cooking class in English?

No Problem! Just let us know at least ten days in advance so we can arrange an English speaking cook.

Which are the menus I can choose from?

Please check our detailed menulist. We have several alternatives. If you have specific requests we are more than happy to go over them with you. Please contact our office for more information.

Is it possible to start our own cooking club and cook at your venue several times per year?

Ofcourse that’s possible! Please contact us for a quotation.

Can children join a cooking workshop?

Children can also join a cooking workshop at Keizer Culinair. Children from 12 and above can fully participate in a cooking workshop. For younger children we can provide a different culinary program. For example: making pizza or pancakes. We have special prices for children up to 12 years old.

Why are the prices of a public cooking workshop and private workshop different?

One glass of house wine, beer or soft drink and unlimited water, coffee and tea are included in our public cooking workshops. We have no cash at our locations so we decided to include a few drinks in the price. For a group we give the possibility to choose between a beverage package (fixed price for unlimited drinks) or drinks on consumption (we send you an invoice with the actual costs).

Is the Combideal also available for companies?

No, unfortunately this is an offer for private clients only (Saturday to Tuesday, for 12 persons or more). Since private groups don't get a VAT refund, we made a Combideal so we keep the price attractive.

Why do we have to pay for an apron?

Some customers have a limited budget. Therefore we have chosen to offer our cooking workshops standard without an apron. Customers can choose to buy or rent from us or to bring their own apron (to save some money).

What are the dates of the cooking courses?

Check our calendar for recent activities and dates for cooking classes and courses.

Are the courses for beginners or intermediate participants?

For both. Beginners get more tips for the basis cooking techniques. Intermediate participants get more specific information about the techniques and products which are being used. This way it's fun for every level.

Do I get a diploma or certificate after completing a cooking course?

No, our courses are not officially recognized and are no culinary educations. Most participants are enthousiast home chefs who want to learn something more about different cooking technigues. Some of our guests own a B&B and want to learn more about cooking for their guests. Our courses are perfect for these goals.

What if I'm not available on one of the dates of the cooking course?

That is understandable! Please contact our office (+3120-4279276). Together we can see if you can follow this particular lesson on a different date. Of course you may also send someone else in your place. Please let us know beforehand so we can take this into account.

Why do I need to make a full payment for the cooking course?

For our public cooking workshops and cooking courses you need to pay in advance. We will reserve a spot for you and count on you. Compare it with a ticket for the theater. The deposit is a kind of guarantee for us. If you accidentally are not able to come, you can always send someone in your place.

Until when can I change my booking?

Up until seven days in advance you can alter the number of participants. Seven days or less before your event you can add more participants, but not alter the number downwards. You can alter the menu up until seven days before your event.

I want to cook or do a wine tasting with a friend. Is that possible?

You can sign up for one of our open cooking classes. Besides our cooking classes we also organize wine-spice tastings that you can join. Contact us for more information.

I filled out an proposal/information request form. Does that mean my booking is final?

No, an information/proposal form is non-binding. We call you to go over all of your requests, desires and details together.

I want to cook with a group. At what days is this possible?

All of our locations are 7 days per week available for groups for lunch, dinner or a cooking workshop.

Until when can I adjust my menu?

Up until ten days in advance you can adjust your menu.

If we stay longer than the agreed end time what are the additional costs?

Please inform us in advance if you want to stay longer at our venue than the initial agreed end time. The costs varies per location and are €65 to €100 ex. VAT per hour (per half hour possible). Additional drinks will be charged sepparately if you have chosen for a beverage package.

Can I take an option for a specific date? And how long will the option remain valid?

It is possible to take an option for one location on one specific date. We will keep your option for three days. If you need more time please consult us for the possibilities.

Can we view the venue in advance?

We would love for you to come over and have a look at the venue of your choice. Please contact our office to arrange an appointment.

Can you arrange aprons with our own company logo?

No problem at all! You can pick up the aprons at one of our venues or we can send them to you.

Can I spend the night after our cooking class?

At all of our venues there are lots of nearby hotels. Please contact our office for possibilities and suggestions.

Is it possible to bring our own decoration to the venue?

It is possible to bring your own decoration, but please inform us up front, so we can fine-tune the possibilities together.

Is it possible to bring my own music to the venue?

All of our venues are equipped with cd players. At some of our venues you can connect your ipod. For specific wishes and questions please contact the office. We would like to remind you that we are a cooking school and that we do not have the permission to play loud music during nighttime.

How can I contact Keizer Culinair?

During office hours (mon-fri from 9 am until 5.30 pm) you can contact our office at 0031-(0)204279276 and by email via info@keizerculinair.nl

Is it possible to bring our own wines to the venue?

After consultation it is possible to bring your own wines to our venues. Per bottle we charge a corkage fee of €17.50 ex. VAT.

When and how can I pay?

After finalizing your booking you receive a confirmation by e-mail with an invoice for the down payment which has to be paid before the event takes place. After the event you receive the final invoice. It is possible to pay via IDEAL.

Can we pay with creditcard?

For the down payment we accept American Express, Visa and Mastercard.

When can I expect the invoice?

A few days after the event you receive the invoice by e-mail.

Is it also possible to exclusively rent a location from Keizer Culinair?

All locations of Keizer Culinair are also available for rent. Contact our main office for more information via 0031-(0)204279276.

Are the locations accessible for wheelchairs?

Most of our location can be accessed with wheelchairs. Please contact us for more information about a specific location.

Is there WIFI at your locations?

In Amsterdam and The Hague we have WIFI. Unfortunately we do not offer WIFI in Rotterdam, Haarlem and Breukelen at the moment. If you do need it, please share your wish and we can try to find a solution.

Is the answer to your question not on this list?
Please feel free to contact us.

020 – 808 19 35

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