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About Keizer Culinair

Professional, intimate and cozy! According to founder Maartje Stuive, those are the right mix of ingredients for a successful contemporary cooking school. She has always been driven by her creativity, talent and passion for cooking. After graduating Maartje started working for KLM product development. Inspired by the best chef cooks that she worked with, Maartje started giving cooking classes to friends in her kitchen at the Keizersgracht. Her livingroom was gradually taken over by the cooking workshops and before she knew it Keizer Culinair was a fact!

The name refers to the place where it all began: de Keizersgracht. Meanwhile Keizer Culinair has several cooking studios throughout the country that organize a diversity of culinary events. Nevertheless the atmosphere and energy of the Italian family that Maartje always had in mind, are still the trademark of our venues. All of us working at Keizer Culinair share Maartjes passion for cooking and great food. And it rubs off, because once you’ve followed a cooking workshop at Keizer culinair you’ll cook with more pleasure in your own kitchen for sure.

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